EBM Laser offers a world-class service in the shaping of standard and stainless steel sheets and aluminum sheets. The company’s expertise includes cutting, folding, welding and welded assembly as well as painting or other surface material. In addition, it offers a turnkey service according to customer specifications.

Fifty-five employees are working round the clock, seven days a week, as required. This is what distinguishes the company: optimal quality and speed.

In order to acheive these standards, EBM uses four highly efficient  laser cutting machines to produce components of the highest precision. It also has a dynamic and experienced team, most of them being mechanical engineering technicians.

The primary goal of EBM Laser is to continue to serve its customers all across Quebec, and to maintain the quality and speed that make it famous. Desiring continuous growth, its greatest challenge, however, will be to recruit quality staff.

Asked about the possibility of being involved in the Québec government “Plan Nord”, executives at EBM Laser provide this clarification: “For us, the “Plan Nord” is not a priority, it is a client. We believe it is more important to maintain our visibility with our current customers, because we believe that there will be more work coming from the energy and road sectors than there was during the ten last years! ” they conclude.

Magazine Québec Entreprise, Summer 2012, Volume 32